10-08-18 “Robin Neighborhood”

Baby E came up to me this evening and asked me if we could watch “Robin Neighborhood,” and I kindly obliged, because how can you turn that cuteness down? “Thank you for letting me watch ‘Neighbor Robin Hood, mommy'” he said later.

Today was the first day in recent memory that I have not been at the hospital. We took the opportunity to work on schoolwork and have the cousins over for some much needed playtime. My sister in law and I sat on the front porch and basked in the amazing weather. It’s been over a month since we have seen each other, so there was much to catch up on and it honestly felt amazing to be sitting in the fresh air. The kids played for hours while we rested and chatted. I didn’t realize how much I missed that and how desperately I needed it, a taste of normalcy away from sterile hallways and clinical conversations.

My dad did incredibly well in therapy today and made huge headways with his walking. I’m so very proud of all of his hard work and determination. It’s exciting to see God’s miracle continue to unfold before us.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. Tomorrow my mom and I will go and visit him for a few hours to keep him company. 🙂


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