10-13-18 The Long Anticipated Homecoming!

My dad did a quiet applaud as we turned onto our street this afternoon. After 43 days in the hospital, he is finally home. The drive was long and tiring for him, and he took a couple of naps this afternoon/evening to help recover from it. He doesn’t have much energy, so our evening was pretty laid back, and that’s fine by me. It’s such a wonderful blessing to have him under the roof again and we are eager to help him further his recovery.

Thank you once again for your prayers. This day seemed so long off, but it is finally here! We could still use your prayers as we navigate this transition. We know God’s plan for dad’s recovery didn’t end when we pulled away from the hospital this afternoon, so we trust that He is still in control and we wait on His timing in all things.

Thank you friends for all the sweet messages you sent my dad throughout the day. I will be sharing them over breakfast in the morning. 🙂






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