10-14-18 Prayer Request

A little while after church this afternoon Big E started to complain that he wasn’t feeling well. I took his temp and he was running a low grade fever. He laid down for a nap and when he woke up his fever was running higher. Since my dad just came home from the hospital, I didn’t want to take any chances and I took Big E to the Urgent Care before they closed. They ran a strep test and it came back negative and told me it was likely a virus. This evening his temp spiked even higher. It is reacting to meds but I am still suspicious that it might be strep. Whatever it is, it really isn’t welcome in our house and we are all trying to be super careful when it comes to germs right now.

Please pray that Big E gets better soon and that his illness doesn’t spread, and please pray that I can put his illness into proper perspective. It’s easy for my mind to travel down a thousand rabbit trails that lead nowhere good, but I acknowledge that the God that has continued to provide for us so far will continue to do so. To Christ be all glory.


This evening we filled dad in on his story. He wasn’t aware of most of what happened to him during the hardest parts of his journey, and for that I am grateful. I would rather he never remember. He is very happy to be home and is incredibly grateful for all the prayers that were said on his behalf, as are we. Already we are seeing continued progress! Thank you again!


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