11-01-18 Forty One Years

I was walking away from my dad’s hospital room this afternoon and I glanced back to see my mother adjusting his pillows and making sure he was comfortable. I had driven her to the hospital so that she could spend the night in my dad’s room to keep him company and keep an eye on his treatment. As I watched them interacting, I smiled.

That’s what nearly 41 years of marriage looks like. It looks like two best friends taking care of each other, showing love to one another during the happy moments and the challenging ones. It’s putting the other person first. It’s choosing to love them and show them love every single day.

My parents haven’t modeled the perfect marriage for me, but they have modeled a pretty darn good one, and I’m so grateful for that.

This month they celebrate 41 years, and while it isn’t always glamorous or romantic, it’s incredibly sweet and beautiful. I hope they enjoyed their hospital date this evening. The setting might not be perfect, but I’m glad they could be together.

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