11-13-18 Sarah Whitcher

One of the things I love about our curriculum is that it includes a lot of reading material that goes along with our history lessons. This week our book is called “Sarah Whitcher’s Story.” When I looked at the lesson plans the book was divided into two and a half weeks of readings. However, when I started reading it out loud to the kids this morning they didn’t want me to stop. They have always loved stories, and I always try to make them as interesting as possible. I do all the voices, hand gestures, etc to try to engage them. This morning they were hooked and before we knew it we had read the ENTIRE book… All 92 pages!!

I was amazed that it held their attention for so long. The story was well written and the kids hung on every word.

I was so impressed at their reaction that I decided to look up the author and learned she had written quite a few books. The library didn’t have any, so I went on Amazon and ordered another one. I’m interested to see if it was a fluke or if the kids have found a favorite author.

It’ll be a few days before it gets here, which will give my voice time to recover before we start again!

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