11-12-18 An overdue milestone…

When we were living in my in-laws basement and Tim was away from home during the week, I got into the very bad habit of letting Baby E sleep in my room, and at times in bed with me. It seemed easier than trying to keep him quiet in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately when we moved to the new house, he took up residence on a toddler mattress next to my side of the bed. I didn’t want to switch him out of our room too quickly because of all the change going on in his life. Then all the stuff started happening with my dad, and that seemed like a bad time to do it as well.

Somehow all the kids ended up in our room over the past week and when they had us up nine (!!!) times Saturday night, an executive decision was made that they would all be moving out (of our room!)

So last night was the first night since we have lived here that Baby E did not sleep in our room. He worried about it all day yesterday and pleaded to get to stay, but in the end he fell asleep between his brother and sister and slept soundly all night long. This morning I told him how proud I was of him.

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