11-22-18 Thanksgiving

Of all years, this Thanksgiving is special. When I stop and think over this past year, I am once again in awe of the blessings that have been showered down on me. I’m so very grateful for each new day with my father- to get to be by his side as we travel this road as a family and navigate our unknowns together. I’m thankful for the opportunity we have been given to home school our children, and the chance to spend so much time with them, loving them and growing with them. I’m grateful for my husband, who works so hard and carries so much so that we can make a go at this new life of ours. I’m thankful for a church family that has stood beside us as we’ve gone through an incredibly difficult time. And I’m grateful for the family and friends (new and old) that have prayed for us, reached out to us, challenged us, and encouraged our little family.

As the sun rises each morning, I am reminded of the goodness of God and as it sets each night I am thankful for his great mercies.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!

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