11-23-18 The Place We Called Home

It’s a strange sensation, going ‘home’ when it isn’t home anymore. There’s a joy and a sadness that mingle together, the feeling of being completely comfortable and yet being a bit of an outsider…

Our short trip ‘home’ was nearly perfect. We spent two nights with Tim’s parents. We relaxed, saw family, and ate lots of delicious food.

We were in no huge hurry this morning to leave so we stuck around until after lunch. On our way out of town, we swung by the beach and walked a little while on the sand. The boys begged to take off their shoes to feel the familiar feeling of sand between their toes, but at 29 degrees we had to say no. They played on the pirate ship and I scanned the sand for some sharks teeth. I found 11.

With much disappointment, we loaded the kids in the van and headed home.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.❤️❤️

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