11-25-18 My favorite verse

This morning in church we read my favorite verse.

I’m not sure why this verse in particular had always stuck with be, but it has since the first time I ran across it.

Today was a good, albeit uneventful, day. I actually got two days of school prep done in advance, which never happens. I read for a little while and I ran to the grocery store. I’m sad to see the long weekend end, but I’m looking forward to this next week and all that can be accomplished. The weather was mild today and the kids spent the majority of it outside.

I’ve had several people ask about my dad. He’s doing ok. He’s been dealing with a lot of fatigue since the cyber knife treatments, and there are days he needs a little more cheering up. He’s exercising as he can and resting when he needs to. We would appreciate your continued prayers.

Thank you, sweet friends.

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