11-26-18 The Prayer

Today I had a difficult day with my children. It was one of those days when I couldn’t wait for Tim to walk in the door and I could disappear with a book and a few moments of silence. So imagine my disappointment, as I was sprawled on my bed, book open, mid sentence, when Baby E crawled up next to me and plopped himself down on my pillow. Didn’t he know I just wanted to be alone!

He looked at my book. “Let’s read when Jesus died on the cross.”

“Um… This isn’t the Bible, buddy. This is a different book.” I replied, hoping the conversation would end there, but I wasn’t about to get off that easy.

“Let’s pretend it’s the Bible. Let’s read about Jesus died on the cross.” He pressed his finger on the page and started moving it slowly down the lines. “And Jesus died on the cross. And we love him. And we love him. And… We… Love… Him.”

He paused and looked at me, his big eyes boring conviction right into me. I spent most of my day being annoyed at this child, and in mere seconds it melted away.

“Let’s pray!” He continued and folded his hands in front of him. “Dear God, thank you for this day. Please help Daddy feel all better. Please help GP get stronger. Help him get stronger like Daddy. Help Naona’s body get fixed. The End!”

I sat there speechless. Baby E has a standard mealtime prayer that he will beg to say (and hurry through). It’s always the same, and recited in haste so he can begin to eat. I’ve never heard him volunteer a prayer away from the table, and certainty not one that’s in his own words, asking for help for people he loves.

It reminded me that all of our teaching and trying isn’t in vain. We struggle each day to be imitators of Christ, and we fail so often, and yet God is faithful to grow the seeds we are planting.

My kids don’t need perfect parents. They need broken parents that recognize their weaknesses, acknowledge their failures for what they are, ask for forgiveness when they need to, and repent of their sins. They need parents that are open and honest about their spiritual struggles and don’t try to hide behind a disingenuous faith. They need to see parents that not just read from their Bibles, but live by them and teach by them and love by them. God uses my imperfections and shortcomings to teach my children grace and reconciliation. What an awesome privilege that is.

So I’ll continue teaching as I can. I’ll pray without ceasing and I’ll remember they are watching and learning every day what a Christian life looks like. I’ll trust my Father in heaven to use even my bad days for His glory in my children’s lives. ♥️♥️

Today my parents have been married for 41 years, so Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people in the whole world!! I know these past few months have been hard, but they’ve been there for each other and supported and loved each other. No life is perfect and no marriage is easy, but they’ve demonstrated and taught me so much, and I am eternally grateful! Love you both!

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