11-28-18 Finally Caught Up!

After weeks of feeling like we are ‘behind’ in school, we have finally caught up. Considering everything we’ve been through, we are pretty proud of it. Our curriculum is four days a week, but we have been putting in a little overtime on it and we are finally where we want to be. I’m so grateful for the flexibility of homeschooling and the opportunity we have for school to work seamlessly with our lifestyle.

One of the things we have worked into our schooltime is excessive reading. Since we read our curriculum provided book in one day instead of two and a half weeks, we have been filling the other days with additional books. Yesterday we read “A Lion to Guard Us.” It was 115 pages and the kids were the ones that insisted we keep reading. My voice hurts today, but I loved experiencing their enthusiasm for the story.

By reading the extra stories, the kids are gleaning more about the history we are studying, and hopefully getting a more well rounded education.

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