11-29-18 The Cure For Crankiness

Lately I’ve been cranky. I think most of it comes down to the fact that I haven’t gotten much sleep the past week or so. One night the kids had me up throughout the night. Another evening there was a massive windstorm that shook our room and howled past the windows. Another night my mind wouldn’t shut down. As the restless nights have piled on top of each other, my patience level has worn thin. I’ve noticed myself snapping at the kids and being short tempered. I hate that.

This evening the kids wanted to play with me. My gut reaction was to say no, on the basis of my foul mood, but I stopped myself and said yes. I grabbed the dry erase markers and we headed for the board.

Together we sat on the ground and I taught them a few childhood games. They caught on quickly and we really enjoyed our time together.

This evening I got a call from a good friend and we talked for hours (something I hardly ever do!) And it was such a refreshing conversation. What I love so much about this friend is her willingness to tell me things in love and truth. She helps me talk through situations and circumstances. She gives me strong biblical insight and wisdom. When I talk to her I feel refreshed and I hope she feels the same. It’s a blessing to have a friendship like that and I thank God for bringing her into my life years ago! ♥️♥️

I have no idea what this game is called, but we used to play it in school all the time when we were kids.

Playing Pictionary… Clearly this is Starbucks. I even drew a cake pop. 🤤

C drew a city with some pretty impressive forced perspective.

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