12-03-18 Things you should never do…

You should never take your four year old out in public when his time would be better spent napping. If you do, you may experience a few… ahem… unfortunate situations…

Like when you are in a craft store and said four year old plops himself into a pile of Christmas glitter on the floor near the check out lane and wallows around in it like a pig…

You should probably also avoid the grocery store, when said tired four year old decides to help by opening the egg refrigerator, helps himself to a dozen eggs, and drops then on the floor as he hands them to you.

You might also want to keep an eye on him in the refrigerated meat department so he doesn’t leave little fingerprints in every single package of ground beef.

In fact, it’s probably just safer to stay home when you have a sleepy four year old. He may not nap, but at least he won’t embarrass you…

Photo intentionally blurry to protect four year old’s identity. 😏

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