12-04-18 The Performance

The most recent book we have been reading together is called Tolliver’s Secret. The story takes place during the American revolution. In it, a young girl is given the task of delivering a loaf of bread with a message baked inside to a courier that will pass it along to George Washington. She dresses as a boy in order to slip though enemy lines unnoticed, and naturally every part of her journey is met with difficulty.

We finished the book last night before bedtime, however hours before then the kids had called me down to the basement to see their performance of the book. Granted they didn’t know how it was going to end, but they managed all the major plot points and even ended their play with the exact same scene that ended the book.

I enjoyed watching their energy and excitement as they put on their play. They had clearly rehearsed. They even worked Baby E into their performance, bless them.

It was a wonderful reminder that all our family book time is paying off. The kids beg for books now and will spend literally hours listening.

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