12-29-18 Much Needed Quiet

I’m not even sure what to write tonight. My thoughts are jumbled and my emotions are all over the place. My visit with Dad today went pretty well. Compared to a few days ago, he has made great strides, but there are a lot of unanswered questions and no solid answers as to the near future, so I guess we are in a holding pattern. It’s a difficult place to be, and it’s easy to get anxious and unsettled. I find myself daily having to relinquish control and choosing to trust God through a situation I can’t understand, I can’t see the end of, and I can not fix myself.

This evening Tim gave me a much needed break by taking the kids to the shop and working on the long expected bunk bed. I came home, watched a movie, took a long bath, and spent time with a book. After two weeks of difficult hospital visits, it was nice to have alone time.

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