12-30-18 Expectations

Every day my father seems to get a little better. There aren’t any huge milestones being met, but rather little victories that add together to make progress. Each day I walk in hoping for more and I feel the pang of disappointment. It’s in those moments that I pause and reevaluate my expectations, and I align them with our current reality. We have long past the point of a completely happy ending… He isn’t going to hop out of the hospital bed and come straight home. If and when my dad recovers, we have to face the fact he will need to learn to walk… again. He has lost more weight. He is more frail. And even so, I love him more dearly and his recovery seems no burden whatsoever. I’m starting to adjust to his clean shaven face, even as the whiskers are beginning to surface. He doesn’t seem bothered by the change, so that is a good thing.

Today is my husband’s birthday and I am thankful for this man God brought into my life so many years ago. He’s a wonderful husband and an amazing father. Happy Birthday, Tim!

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