12-31-18 Four Years

“As we discussed, we found lesions on his liver when we did the CT scan,” the doctor said bluntly as he talked with us beside my father’s hospital bed. “We need to check these out and make sure they aren’t cancer which is why we have ordered the MRI. We are just waiting for a spot to open up in their schedule.”

My heart started racing. His liver?? Lesions? More cancer??

Wait? What CT scan? We’ve been here everyday for two weeks and no one mentioned a CT scan. What’s going on?!

The doctor turned away from us and started tapping on the keyboard of the room’s computer. Using the mouse he scrolled down my father’s chart.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” he hurriedly spoke. “I was thinking of a different patient. It’s not him. There are no lesions on his liver.”

A few more words and he walked out of the room, leaving my body coarsing with adrenaline over the unexpected mistake. I quickly recovered and turned to my dad, thankful for his continued progress, but feeling sad for the unknown patient.

Today is New Year’s Eve. For four years I have met you here every single night, but this past year has been particularly challenging. From quitting my job, through our big move, homeschooling, and this difficult journey with my father, you have been a source of encouragement to me and my family. You have sent us notes, called us, prayed with and for us, made us meals, watched our kids, and reminded us the importance of community and of the body of Christ, and for that we are incredibly grateful, so thank you!

See you in 2019

Sleeping over with the cousins!!!

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