01-22-19 Things Baby E Hates

Baby E has known his own mind since the day he was born. He has never been a go with the flow kind of kid. He knows what he likes and he knows what he hates and no amount of convincing will change his mind. So I’ve compiled a semi-exhaustive list of things Baby E just can’t come to grips with. (In no particular order.)

1- Bread- Don’t put bread within a ten foot radius of Baby E. He will immediately plug his nose with two fingers and refuse to remove them until the offending bread products have been rescinded.

2- hair- Baby E loves, absolutely loves hair… Unless it’s touching him or if it’s wet. Heaven forbid he find a hair in his bathwater or on his finger.

3- other people- technically he doesn’t hate other people, but he could really do without them. It takes awhile to win him over, so until then be prepared for some growls and evil eyes. Sorry about that.

4- clothes- if it were up to him, he’d never wear clothes. We have multiple arguments a day about his need to wear clothes, especially outside in sub freezing conditions.

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