01-23-19 Homeschooling

School doesn’t always happen in our classroom. But that’s the lovely thing about homeschooling… It can happen anywhere.. Even at the shop.

We’ve been studying Noah’s Ark in Big E’s curriculum, and yesterday with measurements in hand, we bundled up warm and headed out behind the shop to walk the length and breadth of the ark. The wind whipped around us as we bent into the cold, watching the phone calculate the distance as we walked. The kids were amazed to learn it would have just barely fit in the alley between the two industrial parks.

During math today, Big E and I scoured the shop looking for various clocks- landing on the microwave clock, the time clock, and the clock on the wall behind the sanding table.

While our curriculum provides us with plenty of structure, I enjoy the opportunity to branch out to encompass the things that surround us everyday. And I like that we can make school work around the craziness of our lives and we can still be confident that they are getting an amazing education!!

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