08-07-19 An Unexpected Blessing

On the first day of our vacation, we met my sister in law and her family at a local restaurant named Grinders. We try to make it a habit to visit every time we are in the area. We met for an early lunch and the server pushed together some tables to fit all 11 of us (four adults and seven kids.) Since we had beat the lunch crowd there weren’t many people in the restaurant, but our long table was right next to a booth that had a Mennonite couple sitting there.

As we skimmed the menu, the kids were starting to make a little noise. We apologized to the couple and asked the kids to be quiet. The woman smiled and said it didn’t bother them because they have seven kids of their own. They were having a kid-free weekend, and we joked that was even more reason for our kids to be quiet.

They had nearly finished their meal when we arrived, and as they left they leaned over and told us we had beautiful families. We thanked them and they went on their way.

We enjoyed our time together at lunch and when it was time for the check, the server came up to us and told us that our meal had been paid for already. It was anonymous, but the only logical explanation was that that sweet couple, on vacation from their own kids, had paid for the meals of 11 strangers! I’ll admit I teared up at their kindness and generosity. I wish I knew their names so that I could thank them, but whoever they were, I hope they know how much that blessed us.

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