08-08-19 Archery

I was walking through Walmart the morning we left for vacation and I made my way to the sporting goods aisle. (Trust me, I’m way out of my element in that department, but I remembered that I had seen some bows and arrows there in the past.) Much to my surprise I noticed that the youth bow and arrow sets were on clearance! It seemed like too great of an opportunity to pass by, so I picked up a set for C and a set for Big E, along with a few additional arrows.

Vacation seemed like a wonderful time to practice! The grandparents have a large backyard so we lined the kids up and taught them how to shoot. One of our nieces also has a bow, arrows, and a target so we were able to have three kids shooting at a time. (Since Tim and I have attended exactly one archery lesson, and that is one more than any other adult there, we instructed the best we could.) The adults took some turns at it as well. It was a little clumsy for us because the bows are for younger kids, but it was still fun.

I was very proud of how well all of the kids did and how seriously they took it. No one goofed around or did anything dangerous. They all followed directions perfectly and they seemed to enjoy the experience.

It definitely made me want to get myself a bow and arrow in the future!

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