09-09-19 The Compassion Experience

This year the kids’ curriculum is focused on geography and culture. We will be studying various countries and cultures from around the world. Today we took a field trip to the Compassion Experience. It is a traveling exhibit put on by Compassion International to introduce people to what it is like to grow up in a third world country and how sponsoring a child can have a positive lifelong impact on them.

The exhibit contained the stories of two Compassion ‘graduates,’ (kids that were impacted by Compassion’s ministry.) When we got there we were each given a set of headphones and an iPod and we were directed into the first exhibit where we followed the life of a little boy growing up in Guatemala. We got to visit various places that were important to him growing up and we listened to a child narrate his story. When we finished his exhibit, we went back through to learn about Shamim, a girl who grew up in the slums of Uganda.

Both stories were fascinating and the kids were spellbound. The exhibits were kid friendly, so they could touch and feel the things in each room. They learned a lot about growing up in a culture and country where you might not have the resources we have here.

For the rest of the afternoon, the kids kept thinking back to the walkthrough and comparing their lives to the lives of the kids in the stories. It was a very humbling experience that I hope the kids remember for a long time. If you ever get the chance to visit the exhibit, I would highly recommend it.

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