09-12-19 Underwear

I’m about seven and a half years into being a mom of boys, and I confess I was totally unprepared for the amount of potty humor I was in store for. No one warned me it would start so young (around 18 months, if you care to know) and that it only gets worse. I wouldn’t say my boys are vulgar, but they find great humor in nearly every bodily function- and my conversations with other boy moms inform me that this is completely normal!

No one had to teach my kids to do armpit farts or burp on command (well, they did have help on that one) and they find those things (and a whole host of others) completely hilarious.

So when I saw this “Underwear” book at the library I figured I had found a winner, and boy was I right. I’ve already read through it twice this evening and I am probably going to have to smuggle it out of the house on its due date.

So my request of you, my dear readers, is that should you imagine me spending time with my children you would picture me sitting with my them, reading something clever and cultured and sophisticated. If you can do that, I would be much obliged. Because in reality, I will likely be reading about underwear.

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