09-13-19 A Day for Water

We found ourselves by the bay this morning for a memorial service for someone dear to people we love. The service was held in a beautiful restaurant, on a dock next to the water. As we listened to people tell their stories and share their memories, the waves lapped against the dock, small boats motored by, and large yachts skated past the floor to ceiling windows.

Where we live now there are beautiful winding rivers and streams, with easy access. The cold water rushes past as you wade through the creeks, dodging crawfish and algae covered stones. It is magical.

But I miss the bay. I miss the sound of the waves and the way the wind buffets you as you walk along the shore. I miss the shells and the sharks teeth that litter the beach and the way you can never quite get all the sand off your feet and out of your hair after a visit.

There was something incredibly peaceful in watching the ducks bob along the waves outside the window. I could have watched them all day. Some days, like today, I just need water.

On the way home we stopped at the Falls.

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