09-18-19 The Day the Head Moved

The instructions say that after a day hanging out in the oven, our apple heads should spend at least two days in the sun. I’m assuming this is to ensure that they continue their downward spiral into the macabre.

So, as the dutiful art teacher and mother that I am, I transported these foul beasts to the front porch to spend the remainder of their day under the scorching sun.

As the sun arched its way across the sky and the porch was cast into shadows by mid morning, I realized they would have to move once again. I walked over to pick them up and I noticed that one of them, the one on the left, was moving. Now I can assure you that the shrunken head was not moving when I had deposited him there mere hours earlier, but he was most certainly moving now- wiggling ever so slightly. I gingerly approached him. As I leaned down to investigate, a large bee shot out of one of the apple heads many openings straight toward my face! I jumped back and squealed as if the apple head itself had tried to attack me. Apparently the bees were burrowing deep inside Baby E’s apple head!!

This would not do! This head was made for greater things!!

I found a long stick and tapped the apple head to clear it of its inhabitants. Once I was sure he was empty, I was able to move them out further into the yard, but it was a losing battle all day as the bees dug and gnawed at that one head. The others remained untouched while Baby E’s wiggled and danced.

By this evening the tray was littered with tiny pieces of fruit dug from the depths of that appalling apple head. Evicting the bees one last time, I brought the apples inside. I don’t think Baby E’s will survive another day in the elements so tomorrow they will spend a few more hours in the oven spa.

Stay tuned, because with any luck, by Friday our “masterpieces” will be complete!

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