09-19-19 Pawpaws and Apple Heads

My sister in law and I were at a park a few months back when she pointed out that there were a lot of pawpaw trees in the forest. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she said there was one behind her house growing up and that she and her siblings used to pick the fruit and eat it.

We decided that we would come back when the trees were ripe and harvest some. A couple of weeks ago I looked them up online and found out that they are ripe from mid August through September, so we made plans to get some.

We got to the park before lunch this morning and walked to our pawpaw spot. Pawpaw trees are tall and skinny with broad leaves. The fruit hangs in small clusters near the top of the tree. As we found trees we would shake them and the fruits would fall down around us. Some of them were still hard and will need a few days to soften, and others were too soft and we couldn’t transport them back. But then there were some that were just right. We peeled a few and ate some as we walked around. They have the texture between a mango and a banana. The flavor is kind of like a pear, but also like an avocado. The kids liked them, but didn’t love them, however they really enjoyed shaking the trees and searching for the fruit that fell.

We gathered enough that tomorrow we (probably my mom) are going to make some pawpaw bread! I’m really excited and hope the bread turns out better than our Apple Head Dolls…

Speaking of Apple Head Dolls, they spent about 10 hours in the oven today. I’ve come to the conclusion that even though the ‘recipe’ calls for large apples, smaller ones work better because they are easier to dry out. (I thought I’d share that tip in case one of you wants to take up a new and horrifying hobby.) When I took them out this evening, mine was the driest and is definitely ready for decorating. The other ones could probably stand to spend one more day in the oven, but I’m eager to get these things done, so we might just finish them all tomorrow.

I hope you all are just as excited as I am to see how they turn out!!

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