09-21-19 Spontaneous Splashing

We went to a fundraiser event this morning for the archery club that we attend. It was their big end of the year event with vendors, games, and food. The kids had a great time, but when it was time to leave we didn’t really want to head straight home, so we just started driving.

We ended up near the old town pedestrian mall that my sister in law and I have taken the kids to in the past. In a spontaneous moment, we decided to stop and let the kids play in the splash pad. With most every other splash pad and pool closed for the season, it is refreshing that they still have theirs running. The kids got drenched in the clothes they were wearing and they even talked Tim into walking through it and getting a little wet.

Hearing the squeals and watching the laughter made the entire outing worth it. I’m really dreading the shorter days and colder weather as we head into fall, so I’m going to hang onto these moments as long as I can!

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