09-22-19 This is a Ball

We were at the library last week when I ran across two books, “This Book is Red” and “This is a Ball.” The subtitle for each book is “Books that drive kids crazy.”

What? A book that will drive kids crazy? I need to try this out. So I grabbed one and cornered Baby E. “This is a Ball.” I said to him as I pointed to the cover of the book. “No, it’s not!! It’s a square!” he responded.

As I opened the book and started to read it, it followed the same logic as the cover, giving things the wrong names or colors. Before I knew it, Baby E was arguing with me in the library about the contents of the book. He got so frustrated, he walked away before I was even finished!

So, it truly is a book that drives kids crazy. Naturally, they both came home with me. I waited until Tim got home that night to bring them out. We had Baby E sit down and we read both books to him. He argued through both books with such earnestness, it was pretty adorable. He didn’t get angry, but he refused to give into the faulty logic of the books, but by the end of them we were all laughing.

Since then he’s been pulling these books out for me to read. They are definitely a hit in our house. So, if you are looking for a book to annoy your kids with, I recommend these… If you ever find them, pick them up, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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