09-10-16 These cuties!

I took a walk with my favorites this evening. Well, I walked. C rode her scooter. Big E rode his bike. And Baby E relaxed in the stroller. We made our way to the stinky bridge, and my was it stinky today! The tide was low, but not horribly so. However, the smell was quite overwhelming. Nothing like a marshland in 90+ degree heat and humidity! The kids were good sports about it and when we got to the gazebo park they spent their time riding around on the large paved area. It was nice to get out of the house and stretch our legs. We had spent our morning with the neighbor cousins and then C went to her grandmother’s house to spend time with one of her cousins for the day. The rest of us hung out at home cleaning, watching tv, and napping. We were definitely due for some outdoor time!




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