10-07-17 The Shark’s Tooth

When we woke up this morning I decided to take advantage of yet another beautiful day, so we headed to the beach closest to Tim’s parents’ house. We went before breakfast, and there were very few people on the beach. The kids really enjoy this particular beach because there are so many fallen trees on it, which provide them with ample things to climb on. As usual, I scanned the ground for sharks teeth and I was pretty excited to find the biggest one I’ve ever found. 🙂


Wow, that must have come from a big shark!

We spent over two hours there, and I really enjoyed watching my kids use their imaginations. The tree trunks turned into boats or mythical creatures. They hunted down dead horseshoe crabs, and Big E labeled himself the official destroyer of jellyfish. They ran, they laughed. It was wonderful. By the time we left we were very hungry, so we made it back home, ate breakfast, and Baby E and I laid down for a nap.


Since we had breakfast so late, and we had taken that nap, our timing was all off, and it was late when I realized we needed to eat lunch. Having no food in the house I did the unthinkable… I took all three of my children to a local pizza restaurant… BY MYSELF! I was pretty proud of us that we made it through the meal relatively uneventfully. After lunch we headed to the townhouse and subsequently to an impromptu play date/dinner with the cousins three doors down. The kids have missed seeing them and I know they really enjoyed themselves. It was nice for us adults to get together as well!

The boys are completely enamored with their youngest cousin. 



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