10-21-18 Another Hospital Day


I feel like I know the bowels of every hospital within a 50 mile radius. I don’t, but it sure feels like it. Hospitals used to intimidate me, but they don’t anymore. I guess two months of hospital visits will do that, huh?!

Dad did very well today. They did a surgery to help with the kidney stone, but he will stay in the hospital one more night to get some IV antibiotics. Our biggest prayer right now is that he can come home tomorrow and that he hasn’t lost too much of his progress. I know this situation has been disheartening to him, but he has handled it well.

Tomorrow is a new day and a wonderful chance to watch God’s plan unfold. When we moved here we didn’t imagine this would be our story, but it is and there is a reason for it. Thank you again for your prayers, sweet friends.

To Christ be all glory.


10-20-18 Again

I never imagined I would be coming here nearly every night to ask you to pray, but here I am again. We took my dad to the hospital today for some severe abdominal pain. After a whole lot of waiting, and some scans they located a large kidney stone. Tomorrow they will do surgery to remove it. Sweet friends, my dad has been through so much the last few months and my prayer this evening is that this surgery goes without a hitch and he can return home ASAP to continue his recovery. We are all worn down, but we find our peace in our Father above who already knows all the outcomes. Thank you for your continued prayers for our little corner of the world. Goodnight dear friends.

10-19-18 Friday night rambles…

My arm is sore this evening. I think this is the earliest in the year I have ever gotten my flu shot. The kids are getting them in the next week or so, as soon as I finalize the paperwork at their new pediatrician. The kids get their shots every year and I usually do as well, but this year it is super important for us to be protected when we consider my dad’s immune system.

My dad had his follow up this morning with the spinal surgeon’s office and everything looked great! It appears his back surgery is healing up splendidly. What an answer to prayer!

While he was in his appointment I amused myself by exploring the neighborhood around the medical building. It was only a mile or so from the hospital he spent so much time at. I found an awesome, huge thrift store (think grocery store big) and took the opportunity to pick up a few pairs of pants for Big E. While I was perusing their Halloween section I noticed a Robin Hood hat and I couldn’t pass it up for Baby E. Recently Moana was downgraded from Baby E’s favorite movie and Robin Hood has taken its place. I couldn’t be more thrilled! So I will gladly embrace and encourage all things Robin Hood in hopes I’ll never have to watch Moana again!

10-18-18 Visitors


We had visitors today- friends I’ve only seen once in the past twenty years. They are living about two hours away and decided to come down for a visit. It’s funny how time passes, and yet when you meet up with old friends, it is like nothing ever changed. We all enjoyed their visit, and their company was an extra blessing for my father.

My dad is settling in well to being at home. He is doing quite a bit of walking and exercising as he is trying to regain his strength. He is happy to be home and eager to be all the way better. Tomorrow we are taking him to his follow up appointment with his spinal surgeon to make sure that everything is healing well. Please pray that everything looks good and he can soon stop wearing the brace.

With dad home, time has started to slow down again and we are beginning to find our groove. Homeschooling is getting easier now, and the kids are adjusting to be home most of the time. The constant adrenaline we were living on has started to subside, leaving us tired and relieved. We are grateful for the lessons we have learned in the past few months, happy for the progress my dad is making, and thankful for the many people that have reached out to us during this time. Thank you, sweet friends.

10-15-18 Getting Better

Thank you for your prayers. Big E is still sporting a fever and a runny nose, but those seem to be the only symptoms. He’s been in isolation all day, which honestly he enjoys because it means unlimited screen time. The high fever seemed to break last night and this milder one doesn’t seem to be holding him back. He was ravenously hungry most of the day and was really rather pleasant. Hopefully tomorrow goes even better!

Meanwhile the rest of us laid low today and got some much needed rest.


10-14-18 Prayer Request

A little while after church this afternoon Big E started to complain that he wasn’t feeling well. I took his temp and he was running a low grade fever. He laid down for a nap and when he woke up his fever was running higher. Since my dad just came home from the hospital, I didn’t want to take any chances and I took Big E to the Urgent Care before they closed. They ran a strep test and it came back negative and told me it was likely a virus. This evening his temp spiked even higher. It is reacting to meds but I am still suspicious that it might be strep. Whatever it is, it really isn’t welcome in our house and we are all trying to be super careful when it comes to germs right now.

Please pray that Big E gets better soon and that his illness doesn’t spread, and please pray that I can put his illness into proper perspective. It’s easy for my mind to travel down a thousand rabbit trails that lead nowhere good, but I acknowledge that the God that has continued to provide for us so far will continue to do so. To Christ be all glory.


This evening we filled dad in on his story. He wasn’t aware of most of what happened to him during the hardest parts of his journey, and for that I am grateful. I would rather he never remember. He is very happy to be home and is incredibly grateful for all the prayers that were said on his behalf, as are we. Already we are seeing continued progress! Thank you again!


10-13-18 The Long Anticipated Homecoming!

My dad did a quiet applaud as we turned onto our street this afternoon. After 43 days in the hospital, he is finally home. The drive was long and tiring for him, and he took a couple of naps this afternoon/evening to help recover from it. He doesn’t have much energy, so our evening was pretty laid back, and that’s fine by me. It’s such a wonderful blessing to have him under the roof again and we are eager to help him further his recovery.

Thank you once again for your prayers. This day seemed so long off, but it is finally here! We could still use your prayers as we navigate this transition. We know God’s plan for dad’s recovery didn’t end when we pulled away from the hospital this afternoon, so we trust that He is still in control and we wait on His timing in all things.

Thank you friends for all the sweet messages you sent my dad throughout the day. I will be sharing them over breakfast in the morning. 🙂






10-12-18 Day 42


My dad called me this evening from the hospital. I think it is safe to say that he is very excited about coming home tomorrow. During his physical therapy today they had him practice getting in and out of a car, going up and down stairs (again), and walking. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he had a smile on his face as he talked about home.

Thank you for continuing to pray. We’ve witnessed answered prayers daily during the six weeks of dad’s hospital stay. Please pray for his continued forward momentum when he gets home. Thank you sweet friends.

To Christ be the glory!