11-20-18 Making House Progress

At the end of August, we finally moved all of our stuff out of storage and into the new house. Most of it got deposited in the garage until we could figure out where it needed to go, but then everything happened and we never got the chance to revisit the garage pile.

Today I decided to take a stab at it, not to clear it out, but to make it more manageable for when we have time to address it. It was hard work with heavy lifting, but when I was done I loved seeing the chaos come into order.

Baby E kept me company, discovering old toys he had long forgotten about and playing Moana in an infant bathtub he found. I can always count on him to turn anything into a toy.

11-19-18 Science and Pilgrims

When we were looking at homeschooling curriculum back in the summer, it was important to us that we try to find a program that worked for us and for my sister in law’s family. Since we live so close together, we thought it would be a wonderful experience for the kids to have the opportunity to combine school days with their cousins. We bought the same curriculum and set our starting dates.

When my dad got sick and we were spending so much time at the hospital, it was pretty much impossible for us to get together. Now that things have started calming down, we decided to get together for a school day of science experiments and Thanksgiving activities.

I’m so thankful for my sister in law, who pulled all of it together, and lead the exercises so well. We learned about yeast, made some bread, wove placemats, and decorated cupcakes. What a blessing to have them so close by! ❤️❤️

11-17-18 A Book or Two

My children are on a book kick. I have to tell you that it makes this mama very proud. I absolutely adore sharing my love of stories with my kids.

We actually read two books today. Phoebe the Spy and The Matchlock Gun. Many of the books we have been reading are based on actual historic events and I’ve been surprised that the authors have not shied away from some very difficult topics. It’s been interesting to watch my kids’ eyes widen as the gravity of the situations that the main characters find themselves in starts to settle in.

My hope is they continue to increase their love of books and their desire to hear and tell stories. ❤️❤️

11-16-18 The Tree

We don’t normally decorate for Christmas this early in the season, but it’s been a hard few months and it seemed like a nice diversion to star.

Yesterday my mom and the kids decorated the ‘candy’ tree, which is by far their favorite. I think Baby E was the most mesmerized by the entire experience and didn’t want to wander too far from the tree after the lights were on. ❤️❤️

11-15-18 SNOW!!

Today was nothing short of magical on the snow front! We had been expecting about an inch of snow, but instead we got 4-6! It caught me off guard, so I spent some time this morning digging out snow paraphernalia from the depths of moving boxes. I managed to cobble together enough clothing to send the kids out for some snow fun!! We raced around the house, went sled riding (we need a better hill!), ate a bunch of snow, and made snow angels.

I love watching my kids in the snow. It brings them such joy. When we got too cold we came inside and peeled off our wet things. We warmed up with some hot cocoa and marshmallows. Absolutely perfect. 😍😍

We did manage to get a full day of school in too, much to the disappointment of my children. (Sorry kids, homeschoolers don’t get snow days!)

11-14-18 Snow is coming!!

This is pretty much my life right now… Knee deep in other people’s dirty tissues. 😕 Thankfully they all seem to be on the mend.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first snow of the season. It doesn’t usually come this early in the year, and schools are already closing in anticipation.

I absolutely love when it snows and I feel all giddy whenever the topic is mentioned. It’s the only redeeming quality of the subarctic temperatures we have been experiencing. If it’s going to be this cold, there should be snow!

Tonight I’m relishing in the idea that I don’t have to check for school or campus closings, I don’t have to fret about my commute, or scramble to find someone to watch my kids if their school is cancelled but my work is not. We can sit at the classroom table, watching the snow fall, reading books, and drinking hot cocoa.

11-13-18 Sarah Whitcher

One of the things I love about our curriculum is that it includes a lot of reading material that goes along with our history lessons. This week our book is called “Sarah Whitcher’s Story.” When I looked at the lesson plans the book was divided into two and a half weeks of readings. However, when I started reading it out loud to the kids this morning they didn’t want me to stop. They have always loved stories, and I always try to make them as interesting as possible. I do all the voices, hand gestures, etc to try to engage them. This morning they were hooked and before we knew it we had read the ENTIRE book… All 92 pages!!

I was amazed that it held their attention for so long. The story was well written and the kids hung on every word.

I was so impressed at their reaction that I decided to look up the author and learned she had written quite a few books. The library didn’t have any, so I went on Amazon and ordered another one. I’m interested to see if it was a fluke or if the kids have found a favorite author.

It’ll be a few days before it gets here, which will give my voice time to recover before we start again!

11-12-18 An overdue milestone…

When we were living in my in-laws basement and Tim was away from home during the week, I got into the very bad habit of letting Baby E sleep in my room, and at times in bed with me. It seemed easier than trying to keep him quiet in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately when we moved to the new house, he took up residence on a toddler mattress next to my side of the bed. I didn’t want to switch him out of our room too quickly because of all the change going on in his life. Then all the stuff started happening with my dad, and that seemed like a bad time to do it as well.

Somehow all the kids ended up in our room over the past week and when they had us up nine (!!!) times Saturday night, an executive decision was made that they would all be moving out (of our room!)

So last night was the first night since we have lived here that Baby E did not sleep in our room. He worried about it all day yesterday and pleaded to get to stay, but in the end he fell asleep between his brother and sister and slept soundly all night long. This morning I told him how proud I was of him.

11-11-18 Baby E’s Feathers

BabyE is an unusual kid, and I mean that in the best possible sense. He might be my most strong willed, but he is also the one with the most unique personality and perspective on life. I kept that in mind when we went shopping for his birthday and in the end he wound up with an unusual assortment of gifts that completely fit his personality.

He has recently fallen in love with the cello and enjoys watching and listening to cello music. When I saw a kids ukalele in the store, I knew he would see it as a cello and be enamored. He enjoys tuning the strings to different pitches.

He also received a fiber optic speaker. Yes, an unusual gift for a four year old, but hear me out. The speaker lights up and glows through fiber optic ‘hairs’ that stick straight up. You can plug your phone into it, but he has no idea it’s a speaker. To him it is a beautiful head of hair that lights up in the darkness. It’s also his new favorite thing to cuddle with at night.

Whenever we are outside Baby E keeps an eye out for two things… Fungi and feathers. We got him a six pack of feathers from a craft store and his eyes lit up at this strange gift. “Can I take them in the bath???” He asked giddily. He held each one in his hands and admired its beauty. I think the feathers might have been his favorite gift.

He got a few other presents, and I loved his reaction to each one. None of them would have been typical four year old presents, but each one struck a chord with him.

I think his creativity and imagination will carry him far!