12-21-16 Napkins

If you have school aged children, you are probably aware of the massive amounts of paper that come into your house via your child’s backpack every day. Most of it is corrected homework or classwork, with a few random drawings thrown in. Sometimes it’s a project from art. Sometimes it is advertising from a local business or event. And then there are the ‘important’ papers from the teacher, school, or PTA. I try to keep a look out for the ones that require my attention, but things slip through the cracks, because, well… life.

As I was cleaning out C’s folder the other day I noticed a note from her teacher requesting that she bring in holiday themed napkins for the class party they will be having tomorrow. Somehow I got relegated to paper products duty this year, which is totally fine by me. I’m guessing her teacher took note of all the things we were supposed to send in (ie- random odd and end things they need for projects that I totally have the intention of sending in, and then usually forget) and decided we were not to be trusted with anything a party might actually need. I’m ok with this. I can do paper products.

However, there’s nothing like the last minute and I kept forgetting all week to grab up some napkins. Since tomorrow is the party, I stopped by a store on my way home crossing my fingers they would have themed napkins. Much to my disappointment the holiday shelves were almost bare (naturally) and as I wandered around the store, I stumbled upon the clearance aisle where I found…


Ok, so totally not holiday themed, but they do have a snowman (ignore that he’s on a beach and stick with me.) And most of the Frozen movie happens during the winter, with snow and ice everywhere. So in a round about way I can totally convince myself that these are in fact holiday themed. But knowing that I was on shaky ground, I tracked down an associate and pleaded for the Christmas napkins. Please, please tell me you have some!

She pointed me down the next aisle and as I meandered through the aisle I only found one display of napkins.


Yup, there they are… Smiling-santa-sunglasses-emoji napkins. Truly the most hideous holiday napkins ever created. I bought two packs. (and the Frozen ones cause they were on clearance.)


This guy and I laid on the floor by his bed and sung Christmas carols after his brother and sister had already fallen asleep. He’s such a sweet boy.

This morning Baby E kept pointing to this picture of “Daddy” and a “doggy.” I tried to convince him otherwise, but he’s two and would have nothing of it.


12-20-16 Silliness

Our kids don’t spend much time on electronics at home. Thankfully C gets exposure to them at school, but for the most part they are off limits in the house. When C was younger, we noticed very quickly that there were big behavioral issues when we would take electronics away from her, so we came to an early decision to take them out of the equation. Every once in awhile we will let them play on the iPad, but it is very rare.

I noticed during the past few months that it is much harder for me to take time and just be silly with the kids. Therefore I am trying to make a concerted effort to do something fun or silly each day. It might not be anything big, but I just want to make sure we get a few moments of smiling, laughter, or wonder out of our time together.

Tonight at bedtime, I broke our no electronics rule and I let them take pictures with Snapchat. The kids had a good time, except that moment that the scary bunny filter came on and terrified poor Baby E, but other than that they couldn’t get enough. The deer filter was their favorite.

We definitely enjoyed our ten minutes of silliness!

12-19-16 Roses



I decorated our tree in roses. Most of them came from a bouquet we received after I came home from the hospital. Some are the roses Tim got me for our anniversary. I’ve put them high enough in the tree that little hands cannot reach them. They look beautiful and delicate against the white twinkle lights.

Have I mentioned I love this time of year?

12-18-16 The Tale of the Red Cookie…

“Red Cookie! Red Cookie!” Baby E shouted as he came around the corner while I was making breakfast. Somehow he had found a package of Oreos (the kind with the red filling) and he was proudly displaying one in his hand. “Red Cookieeeee!!!!!!” I thought for a moment and decided this wasn’t a battle I wanted to fight first thing in the morning, and since the other kids were watching TV, they were likely not going to notice Baby E and his cookie. I told him it was fine and he walked away munching on his cookie.

Fast forward 5 minutes later and I had already forgotten about the cookie. I was still working on breakfast as I heard Baby E come down the stairs into the kitchen. I looked behind me as he rounded the corner and I froze. What is wrong with Baby E?? He sported a huge grin and his mouth and cheeks were covered in… blood?? It wasn’t blood, was it? No. Maybe?? No!! My mind raced through completely normal scenarios, like markers, to outrageously ridiculous scenarios like baby zombie apocalypse, before I finally settled on, oh yeah, RED COOKIES!! 


This evening we decided to take the children through a nearby park that was all decorated for Christmas. Baby E got really excited about the lights that looked like firetrucks, Charlotte enjoyed pretty much all of them, and Big E just couldn’t wait to go home.

As we were leaving I noted to Tim that their flier said it was their 30th year for doing the display. Big E piped up from the back seat saying, “No! We’ve been here for a hundred years!” More like 20 minutes, kid. 🙂


12-17-16 Saturday


I found this hat today and shoved it on Baby E’s head. I say ‘shoved’ because it is actually a 12 month size hat, so he probably actually outgrew it at about 3 months. Assuming that he would pull it off the moment my hand was away, I was surprised to see that he wanted to keep it on… in fact he wanted it on all day. It would slip off and he would come running to me with his tiny little hat and beg me to put it back on. Naturally, I obliged.

We got our first truly wintery weather this morning with some freezing rain coming down in the early hours. But by this afternoon, the temps had risen enough for it to be almost pleasant outside. We packed up the kids and headed to Tim’s parents house to celebrate an early Christmas with Tim’s dad. The kids loved their presents and couldn’t wait to get them out of their boxes. Big E was especially excited because he got some Hot Wheels track and he just couldn’t sit still as daddy was putting it together. I’ve never seen him be so giddy. He’s going to be pretty excited to learn he will have some more to add to that on Christmas day! 🙂

Afterwards we grabbed some dinner and made it an early night home.


12-15-16 That Time I Tried To Take Three Kids To Starbucks…

I ended up staying home again today because C woke up saying her tummy still hurt a  little bit. She hasn’t thrown up since 8pm on Tuesday night and Baby E since 6 am Tuesday morning. But to err on the safe side, I decided to keep her home one more day. We spent yet another day watching tv and napping. This evening I decided we needed a quick trip out of the house. I needed to pick up a Starbucks gift card and decided I’d grab the kids dinner while we were out. I drove through McDonalds and got them each a happy meal. Then we headed over to Starbucks. I informed them that we were all going inside and I expected them to be on their best behavior, or I would be keeping the toys from their happy meals all to myself. They whined for a moment and then agreed to behave.

We walked into the relatively crowded Starbucks…

And it all went downhill from there.

No sooner were we in line then Baby E starts clinging to my leg and screaming “I’m going to throw up!!!” over and over and over again at the top of his lungs!!! Now I know for a fact that he does not need to throw up, but he’s two and just learned a new phrase and can’t wait to try it out on an unsuspecting public.

As I’m trying to quiet him down, I look over and C has her face plastered against Big E’s face. You know, my one kid that hasn’t thrown up this week. He’s screaming, she’s screaming. They are running around in circles… and I’m trying to order my drink. I grab C by the arm and growl in her ear that she better calm down, but they don’t. Meanwhile Baby E is still carrying on, “I’m going to throw up!!!”

I finally pay for my drink and herd my kids onto the closest seats I can find. I then inform them (as discreetly as I can manage) that they will not be getting their happy meal toys after all. To which Big E shouts at the top of his lungs, “Oh yeah!! Well I’m not going to be your kid anymore!!!!!!!”

At this point I actually hear audible snickers coming from the barista and other patrons. An older woman smiles at me and gives me a knowing nod. The barista calls my drink and as she hands it to me she says, “good luck.” I tell the kids it’s time to leave and Big E refuses to get out of his seat, so the older lady walks up to him and says, “Here, let me help you.” This had him scurrying out of his chair as the woman winked at me.

When I finally got them all strapped into the car, I pulled out their toys, unpackaged each one, ooh’d and ahhh’d over them, and talked about how much fun I was going to have playing with them after the kids went to bed. They seemed pretty bummed about it, but I explained (not so calmly I’m afraid) about the horrible scene that had just taken place and the embarrassing situation they created.

As I tucked them into bed this evening, I told them I couldn’t wait to play with the toys, after all they were Ninja Turtle toys, and my kids love the Ninja Turtles.

So here they are, my well earned toys. They’ll be in the trash by morning.

Also, I’m pretty sure we are never leaving the house again…


Oh and I busted up my finger this evening (different finger, other hand), by scraping it into our front door. It bled for a long time but seems to have stopped. I seriously need a bubble or a stunt double, stat!!!

12-14-16 Sick Day


There are worse ways to spend your day than hanging out with this cutie. Our house has been vomit free for over 24 hours now! Wahoo!! Praying it stays that way. We spent the day watching tv and napping. I’ll take it! Thanks for the prayers for a speedy recovery!

12-13-16 This Photo


Look at this fellow- so happy, so joyful. However this photo, like all pictures, only tells you part of the story. Looking into that smile you would never know that he was up nearly the entire night, vomiting on anything and everything within reach. This photo doesn’t tell the story of loads of laundry, measured out pedialyte, and a pathetic little boy that just couldn’t keep anything down.

It’s that time of year my friends, sick season. It started later for our family than last year, unless you count the ectopic or the broken finger, but now it is indeed in full swing. C came home from school this afternoon saying that the kid she shared the seat with on the way to school this morning threw up all over the bus. Within an hour or so of C being home, she was throwing up too. *sigh* This too shall pass.

Hopefully this charges through our house swiftly and we will be back to normal soon!!

NOTE- I am so sorry to any moms whose kids were exposed to mine at MOPS last night. Baby E was showing absolutely no signs until he threw up at one am!!